Curry Brat Currywurst for Oktoberfest

It’s that time of year again…Oktoberfest! Beer, pretzels, sausage. I don’t know if currywurst is a traditional Oktoberfest dish but it is for Cheryl and me. It’s one of our favorite German festival foods and I make some for our Oktoberfest party. This year I’m putting a spin on the currywurst with a new sausage:Continue reading “Curry Brat Currywurst for Oktoberfest”

Lemon and Ricotta Cheese Tart

Last week we were on vacation in Colorado, and if you’re like me you pick up a magazine or two at the airport for the flight. When we headed back to Chicago on Sunday I bought one of my traveling go-to magazines: Food & Wine. In it was a recipe for ricotta cheese and sourContinue reading “Lemon and Ricotta Cheese Tart”

Travel Post: A Nice Hike in Snowmass

Out of town this week on a vacation with Cheryl’s family in the Colorado Rockies. We haven’t had much time to ourselves but were able to break away for a few hours the other morning for a nice hike along the ridge above where we’re staying in Snowmass. For all of my outdoors-y friends whoContinue reading “Travel Post: A Nice Hike in Snowmass”

Fried Pork Belly – Using Up the Bits

What do you do when you have left over pork belly trimmings? Turn them into crackling, pork rinds, chicharrón…well you get my drift. There are many different names for this little porky treat but whatever you call them, they’re delicious and easy to make. You didn’t think I’d go six weeks without a meat postContinue reading “Fried Pork Belly – Using Up the Bits”