Month: July 2015

Corn and Lentil Summer Salad

Corn and lentil saladSummer has arrived! It’s hot and steamy and I’m actually happy about it. After the cold and rain we had for past month I’m ecstatic to be using the central AC these days. Food wise, hot days require cold salads and this corn and lentil salad is good for when summer is in full swing. (more…)


Merguez – Lamb Sausage

MerguezOk I’ll admit, I’m on a bit of a sausage making kick lately. One reason is because Cheryl and I have been pretty busy with work and so I haven’t had much time to do some good experimenting with our CSA boxes. Another is sausages are pretty easy to make and are delicious. I’ve long wanted to make a merguez and after sampling one at Marche Jean Talon on our Montreal trip I decided now was a good time. (more…)

Summer Travel Post: Long Holiday Weekend in Montreal

When in confit poutine

When in Montreal…duck confit poutine

In what is becoming a fairly annual occurrence Cheryl and I once again ventured abroad over the 4th of July Independence Day holiday. In 2008 we were in Milan; 2012, Quebec City; 2013, Barcelona; 2014, Edinburgh. This year we headed back to Canada for a relaxing long weekend in Montreal. We ended up picking a pretty good weekend to go too. Great weather, Jazz Fest, Poutine Fest, and one of the best restaurant meals I think I’ve ever had! (more…)

What’s in Our CSA This Week: Lamb’s Quarters

Lamb's quartersQuick post today as we’re traveling for the holiday weekend. Lamb’s Quarters is one of our favorite seasonal greens. I had never heard of it until last year when it popped up in our custom CSA from Montalbano Farms. Curious about it I ordered some. It kind of looks like big parsley with its jagged leaves and is related to spinach. Apparently Lamb’s quarters can take over any open space, thus its stature as a ‘weed’ and popularity with foragers. Weed though it may be, lamb’s quarters is edible, especially in the early part of the season when you can eat the leaves and stems. (more…)