Month: May 2015

Bearnaise Sauce for Grilling Season – Why? Why Not!

Bearnaise sauceGrilling season is here! Over the holiday weekend Cheryl and I bought a new grill and it was delivered just in time for use on Memorial Day. Nothing too fancy, some steak and asparagus. I wanted to do something different for the asparagus and had decided to make some hollandaise sauce when a thought popped into my head. Since we’re having steak, why not simply add some tarragon and transform the hollandaise into the steakhouse classic béarnaise sauce? Oh yeah. (more…)


Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette with Thyme Polenta Squares

Polenta with sun-dried tomato basil vinaigretteIt’s getting more and more difficult to wow Cheryl with my cooking, but this simple little side dish I prepared for some grilled chicken from earlier in the week really impressed her with intense, bright, crisp, flavors. I could have sworn I’ve made this sun-dried tomato and basil sauce before (in fact I know I have) but it seemed to take her by surprise. I believe her reaction was very close to ‘Holy crap this is so good! Where’d you get the idea for this?’ Hang on, I’ll tell you. (more…)

Duck and Farro Stew to Chase the Cold Away

Duck and farro stewLast weekend was cold and rainy. Typical spring Chicago weather, 80s in the week then down to the 50s as rain and a cold front moved through. I had just turned the thermostat over to AC so go ahead and blame me for jinxing it. Sunday dinner required something hot and warming to chase away the chill. Duck stew fit right in. (more…)

Rampy Shrimp Scampi – or To Be More Precise: Shrimp Prawn

Shrimp Scampi with rampsRamp season is winding down but I’ve still got a few bunches left. This week I’m taking an old restaurant classic and adding a seasonal twist, turning shrimp scampi into a rampy shrimp scampi. Yeah that’s right, shrimp sc-ramp-i. (more…)