Month: February 2015

The Cubano Sausage

Cubano SausageThe Cuban sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches, and ever since I started getting creative with sausage flavors I’ve wanted to make one based on the delicious Cubano. I came up with the idea after eating a ‘gyro sausage’ for lunch one day and thought the Cubano’s flavors (pork, ham, cheese, and pickles) would be pretty easy to incorporate in tubular form. I’m sure someone somewhere has come up with this already, but since I’ve never seen one I decided it was time to give it a go. (more…)


Pane di Chiavari (Olive bread)

Pane di Chiavara - Olive breadThis week has been a particularly nasty winter week so I thought it would be a good time to follow through on one of Cheryl’s recent kitchen requests: bake some bread. While looking at my favorite bread cookbook, Carol Field’s Italian Baker, I came across a pretty low maintenance recipe for an olive bread, Pane di Chiavari. (more…)

Vieux Carré – A Crescent City Cocktail for Mardi Gras

Vieux carreWhat is it about New Orleans cocktails that they are all so inherently potent? Of the three you’d normally associate with the city, Sazerac, Vieux Carré, and Hurricane, only the Hurricane gets ‘watered down’ with any fruit juice. The other two are just straight up combinations of booze. This week I’m skipping over Valentine’s Day and getting ready for Mardi Gras with the Vieux Carré cocktail. Laissez le bon temps rouler! (more…)

Blackstrap Molasses Picnic Ham: The Final Piece from the Cold Smoking Experiment

Blackstrap molasses picnic ham3It’s been over two months since I cured, cold smoked, and hung up a picnic ham to dry. A few days before Super Bowl Sunday I checked the weight and saw it was ready for slicing! (more…)