The Easiest French Onion Soup! Seriously.

So, I’m guessing most French Onion soups you’ve eaten have been the ones with beef stock in them, right? Nothing wrong with those but shouldn’t an onion soup taste like onions? Not beef soup or chicken soup, but onions. I think we have become so conditioned to those flavors in soup we immediately think that’sContinue reading “The Easiest French Onion Soup! Seriously.”

Chicken with Saffron and Olives

Last weekend Cheryl requested I make a chicken dish she likes I hadn’t made in a while, chicken thighs with olives. I have two chicken with olives dishes so after asking further questions to narrow down which one, I figured chicken thighs with saffron and green olives was what she wanted. Of course, it wasContinue reading “Chicken with Saffron and Olives”

Ribollita – A Soup for When You’re Sick (or Not)

This week has been a struggle. I don’t know if I caught a cold or the flu or what but I’ve been on NyQuil and DayQuil since Saturday. To make matters worse I infected Cheryl and we were away from home, so traveling back to Chicago bright and early Monday morning was not the mostContinue reading “Ribollita – A Soup for When You’re Sick (or Not)”

Ciabatta and an Airplane Book

Last weekend we took a trip back to our old stomping grounds in Washington DC in order to see some friends and for my brother’s birthday. I had a brand new book for the plane which looked good, In Search of the Perfect Loaf by Samuel Fromartz, a book about a home baker’s obsession withContinue reading “Ciabatta and an Airplane Book”

Braised Red Cabbage, A Perfect Autumn Side Dish

Red cabbage. Much sweeter than sauerkraut, braised red cabbage is the German restaurant equivalent of beans at a Mexican restaurant, always on the side of whatever dish you order. However, because of its sweet and acidy nature I think red cabbage is much more versatile than refried beans and it pairs well with many fallContinue reading “Braised Red Cabbage, A Perfect Autumn Side Dish”