Curried Lamb Salad – Finishing Off A Leg of Lamb

This week we had a few leftovers in the house from Easter, mostly leg of lamb and some pastel colored hard-boiled eggs. Initially I thought maybe I’d do a post on egg salad since national egg salad day (seriously?) occurred last week. Yes I know, egg salad can be boring but it triggered the followingContinue reading “Curried Lamb Salad – Finishing Off A Leg of Lamb”

A Classic Piadina – Prosciutto e Taleggio (Ham and Cheese)

What’s a piadina? A thin, almost pita-like Italian flatbread dough which doesn’t rise and can cook quickly on a grill or griddle. From our travels throughout Italy I’ve noticed these types of sandwiches are pretty popular in small cafes and places where people are on-the-go like, train stations. Piadina (piadine?) can be filled with aContinue reading “A Classic Piadina – Prosciutto e Taleggio (Ham and Cheese)”

Asparagus Lemon Custard – A Savory Springtime Treat

  I can’t get enough of asparagus in the spring, it’s one of my favorite vegetables and I try to use it a lot because of the shortish season. It just makes me happy because I know spring is really here. Plain old sautéed/steamed asparagus can get kind of boring though so last week IContinue reading “Asparagus Lemon Custard – A Savory Springtime Treat”

Homemade Mustard – Condiment Making 101

Mustard. Chicago’s favored hot dog condiment and one which comes in many forms. There’s spicy, sweet, honey, stone ground, Dijon, country-style, Chinese, German, sharp and tangy…I could go on and on. If you take a look at the ingredients you’ll find, no matter which is your favorite, mustards are pretty much all made with theContinue reading “Homemade Mustard – Condiment Making 101”