Month: April 2014

Curried Lamb Salad – Finishing Off A Leg of Lamb

Curried lamb saladThis week we had a few leftovers in the house from Easter, mostly leg of lamb and some pastel colored hard-boiled eggs. Initially I thought maybe I’d do a post on egg salad since national egg salad day (seriously?) occurred last week. Yes I know, egg salad can be boring but it triggered the following chain of thought: “hmm egg salad is boring…how do you spice it up…add some curry maybe?…eggs, chicken…maybe some curried chicken salad….wait I have leftover lamb…maybe I’ll make some curried lamb…hang on…curried lamb salad!” And that, valued readers, is how inspiration sometimes strikes me. (more…)


A Classic Piadina – Prosciutto e Taleggio (Ham and Cheese)

Prosciutto PiadinaWhat’s a piadina? A thin, almost pita-like Italian flatbread dough which doesn’t rise and can cook quickly on a grill or griddle. From our travels throughout Italy I’ve noticed these types of sandwiches are pretty popular in small cafes and places where people are on-the-go like, train stations. Piadina (piadine?) can be filled with a variety of sandwich-type ingredients but the most popular one is the classic ham and cheese, prosciutto e formaggio. (more…)

Asparagus Lemon Custard – A Savory Springtime Treat


Asparagus and Lemon CustardI can’t get enough of asparagus in the spring, it’s one of my favorite vegetables and I try to use it a lot because of the shortish season. It just makes me happy because I know spring is really here. Plain old sautéed/steamed asparagus can get kind of boring though so last week I browsed through a few cookbooks looking for ideas. I saw a savory custard recipe in Classico e Moderno which caught my eye, and part of the description said asparagus was commonly added. Just the kind of idea I was looking for to tinker with. (more…)

Homemade Mustard – Condiment Making 101

Homemade Grainy MustardMustard. Chicago’s favored hot dog condiment and one which comes in many forms. There’s spicy, sweet, honey, stone ground, Dijon, country-style, Chinese, German, sharp and tangy…I could go on and on. If you take a look at the ingredients you’ll find, no matter which is your favorite, mustards are pretty much all made with the same stuff and there’s also not much in the way of preservatives. If there are minimal ingredients, then it should be pretty easy to make some at home right? This week I put that theory to the test. (more…)