Florentine Onion and Pea Soup – what to do with leftover bread

I’ve been doing a bit of bread baking recently and always end up with 2 loaves.  One of the loaves is usually eaten quickly while the second languishes a bit and gets stale.  It’s not surprising.  Fresh bread is fantastic, two day old bread is meh.  What do you do with the re-meh-ning bread?  ProbablyContinue reading “Florentine Onion and Pea Soup – what to do with leftover bread”

How to Deal With a Canceled Vacation: Make Chocolate Truffles

We weren’t supposed to be in town for Valentine’s Day.  We were supposed to be far away from snowy cold Chicago on a Caribbean island.  However, Old Man Winter had other plans and ended up blasting the east coast thereby canceling our trip (for now).  I had to scramble for Valentine’s Day and whip upContinue reading “How to Deal With a Canceled Vacation: Make Chocolate Truffles”

Saffron Stewed White Beans: Updating a Classic

Last Sunday I was flipping through my newest cookbook, Classico e Moderno, looking for some inspiration.  We were having roast lamb for dinner and I was searching for something new to serve alongside it.  I found a classic dish for stewed beans which supposedly is a common Tuscan side for roasts and braises and itContinue reading “Saffron Stewed White Beans: Updating a Classic”

Tarte Tatin: A Perfect Treat for Valentine’s Day

Way back in the beginning when I started this blog I wrote about how the apple is a more fitting fruit for Valentine’s Day and I’m still of that mindset.  If you’re going to cook a special dinner at home for your Valentine, a tarte tatin is an impressive dessert, as well as firmly outsideContinue reading “Tarte Tatin: A Perfect Treat for Valentine’s Day”