Month: November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! One Last Bite, Homemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Pie for ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving!  Pumpkin pie has always been my favorite Thanksgiving dessert, ever since I was a little kid.  As I was making this the other day I was reminded how quickly pumpkin pie can be put together.  The dough takes about 2 minutes to make and 20 to chill.  In that amount of time you can have the filling all prepared and still have time for a cup of coffee.  I know a lot of people buy pies but there’s nothing like baking your own. (more…)


Some Tips on Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for the First Time

Thanksgiving Blues Sat Eve PostSo this is it!  This is the year you’re not dealing with all the hassle of traveling and will be making Thanksgiving dinner for yourself and a few friends.  Good for you!  Despite all the drama you’ve witnessed throughout your life surrounding Thanksgiving dinner it’s really not terribly difficult to prepare if you’re sensible.  If you decide there has to be 5 different types of potatoes and all on the table by noon then yes, there will be drama.  But for the most part you’ll be able to pull it all off without too much stress if you prep correctly.  This year will make it six Thanksgiving dinners I’ve made so here are some thoughts, ramblings, or tips on how I go about it. (more…)

Guancialini – Homemade Cured Pork Cheeks

Homemade Guanciale - GuancialiniThings have slowed down a bit work-wise and as you may have noticed I’ve been doing some adventurous stuff lately.  One experiment I was eager to try was curing some pork cheeks into guanciale.  It’s been on my ‘to-do’ list but I always kept forgetting to ask about pork cheeks when in a butcher shop.  Well, I remembered, but instead of whole cheeks I ended up with a package of pork cheek meat.  So instead of gunaciale, I ended up with guancialini!  That’s improv Italian for mini-gunaciale. (more…)

Rabbit in Mustard Sauce (ou en Francais, Lapin à la Moutarde)

Rabbit with mustard sauce - Lapin a la moutardeWednesday nights are reserved as date night for Cheryl and me.  Most of the time we go out for dinner but occasionally she lets me cook a ‘fancy’ mid-week one for her.  The whole point is to spend some quiet time together while trying something new.  I’m pretty sure the idea for rabbit came up while we were in a butcher shop (What’s that? Rabbit. Can you cook it? Sure).  So, when I was in my favorite butcher shop last week I picked one up.  While I was pretty confident I could successfully cook rabbit I still needed to figure out how to present it, and present it well enough for date night. (more…)