Month: August 2013

Apple Onion Chutney and Canning for the First Time

Apple Onion ChutneySo I’ve been making good use of the smoker this summer and one thing I feel you always need when barbecuing is a good sauce to accompany the meat.  Steaks have marinades and chimichurri but one condiment which I think goes great with cured and smoked meats is this apple onion chutney.  (more…)


New Sausage: Spanish Pimenton and Fennel Sausage

An ibero-italo hybrid

An ibero-italo hybrid

Not sure if you’ve noticed yet but it’s August, halfway through to be exact.  Where did the summer go?  Kids are going back to school and the NFL is already playing pre-season games.  Having eaten up all of our sausage supply I thought it was high time to come up with a new creation and replenish the stock.  The result: a hybrid of smoky Spanish chorizo and sweet Italian sausage.  Just call me Dr. Franken-furter-stein. (more…)

Ricotta Cake – What To Do With The Homemade Ricotta You Just Made

Ricotta Cheese CakeIf you saw last week’s post you know I made some homemade ricotta cheese.  It just so happened that immediately after making some there was a recipe in the Wall Street Journal’s weekend edition for a ricotta cheese cake.  Ricotta cheese cake (torta ricotta) can usually be found in Italian restaurants along with the tiramisu and panna cotta and is a nice alternative to those popular dolci.  Anyway, it was like the cooking gods took notice of my ricotta cheese making initiative and said “well done Peter, here’s a gift for you, make this ricotta cake with your fresh cheese.”  So I did. (more…)

Fresh Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Homemaed Ricotta CheeseEach Wednesday Cheryl and I have “date night” where we do something together like a movie or dinner out.  Last week we went out to a new restaurant (for us) and had an amazing appetizer of whipped ricotta, honey, and balsamic vinegar and the dish was one of our favorites from the dinner.  Of course, Cheryl said, “you can make this.”  I said yeah, but it’d be even better with homemade ricotta cheese which is really easy to make.   (more…)