Month: April 2013

Herb Butter – Kitchen Essential

Herb butterHerb butter.  Compound butter.  Hotel butter.  No matter what you call it, it’s one of the easiest items you can make and add to your kitchen essentials cupboard.  It’s also a good example of how a simple uncomplicated item can have tremendous effects on anything you cook.  Finish off your vegetables with it, plop a dollop on top of that grilled steak while it’s resting, add it to a sauce, spread some on the outside of your bread before making a panini; the uses for herb butter are endless and the results are endlessly delicious. (more…)


48 hours in Barcelona – Things to Do

La Boqueria Barcelona After Cheryl and I got married we spent our honeymoon in Rome, Sardinia, Florence, and Barcelona.  Barcelona came at the tail end for just a couple of days and we found ourselves wishing we had spent more time there and uttered words many travelers have said “well, we’ll just have to come back.”  So when the opportunity to return to Barcelona presented itself over Easter weekend we took it!  We’d only have about 48 hours in Barcelona which just goes to show how much we like this city. (more…)