Month: September 2012

Curried Apple Fritters – Fall Flavors

We’re all moved in and the kitchen has been unpacked so I’m back!  We’ve changed seasons since we closed on our new home at the beginning of September and I couldn’t be more happy about it.  I love fall.  One of the reasons I love it so much is apples.  Nothing says fall to me like the overflowing bins of apples in the markets.  There are so many things you can do with apples.  Since I’m just getting settled in the new kitchen I thought I’d ease back in and try my hand at something extremely simple: curried apple fritters.  Simple, yet reflects the new season.  And yes fritter batter is one of those easy to remember ratios. (more…)


Still here! Just Swamped. Reason: We Bought a House

Just a quick note to my valued readers, I haven’t gone anywhere.  Just been crazy busy!  Cheryl and I purchased a nice brick 2-flat over in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago, about 10 blocks west of where we currently live, and have been crazily prepping it for the big move this coming Saturday.  For you non-Chicagoans a 2-flat is a multi-unit building with…2 units in it.  I bet you can guess how many units a 3-flat has.  Well legal ones at least.  As a Chicago realtor I see all kinds of “off-the-radar” units tucked into basements and attics where Dr. Richard Kimball would feel right at home.  Thankfully, ours does not have any of these.  It is a true, legal 2-flat with no fugitives. (more…)

Spanish Tortilla – Another Delicious Treasure from our Barcelona Adventure

A couple of weekends ago Cheryl and I were in San Francisco for a wedding and we were reminded of many good memories from our joyous day.  My thoughts usually end up thinking about our honeymoon and inevitably about what we ate.  I’ve previously posted about a cooking class Cheryl and I took while on our honeymoon in Barcelona (see Sopa de Tomate) and how much fun it was to bring back the recipes that would always remind us of that trip.  Last week green peppers were on sale so I decided to make a Spanish Tortilla, which was one of the recipes we came back with.  It’s something you can find in pretty much any café or tapas; they had especially large tortillas at the food stalls in La Boqueria, and is a great snack any time of the day.  Making a Spanish tortilla requires a little more extra work than an omelet but is totally worth it. (more…)